Summary: Embed an Engage interaction into Quizmaker ’09 by editing the Quizmaker published files.
Difficulty: Medium

One of the things we all love about Articulate Studio ’09 is how it can make us and our ideas look so professional! In just a few clicks, we can design and publish a presentation that is as good if not better than many efforts from full-time Flash developers.

And then sometimes we want to go that bit further and really make our presentations stand out from the crowd.

In the past we have looked at how you can play an Engage interaction within another, how you can put a quiz inside an Engage interaction, as well as a number of tricks with other software. They are all great fun and you can use them to great effect.

Today we are looking at the challenge of inserting an Engage ’09 interaction into Quizmaker.

By embedding Engage into Quizmaker, you can:

  • Make your quizzes even more attractive and functional by adding a full Engage interaction into a blank slide. This gives you even more scope for adding content to your quizzes before you come to testing with questions.
  • Add an Engage interaction to a question. Ask your students to view a specific interaction before answering a question.
  • Add several interactions in the same quiz. Have an interaction followed by a series of questions, followed by another interaction and some more questions and so on.

Want to see it in action? Let’s take a look at a barebones example:



View Demo


Now isn’t that cool but …..


How do you do it?

In the demo above, I added four interactions, Flashcards, Stairstep, Labelled Graphic and the Pyramid. Two are Community Interactions currently available for Engage ’09 and two are the regular inbuilt interactions. The procedure for importing the Community interactions and the regular interactions is NOT the same. To get the free, extra Community interactions, make sure you have the latest version of Engage ’09 and then download the three interaction packages from this page.

Before you download the Community interactions, close Engage first or you’ll find the download won’t work.

Importing Community Interactions

Let’s look first at embedding Community Interactions as it is the simpler of the two operations.

  1. Create your Engage interaction by preparing the Flipbook, Flashcards, or Stairstep interaction as you would normally and publish as a standalone interaction (ie. to the web).
  2. To begin with, I would suggest you try to import just one Engage interaction into your quiz. Once you have got the idea, you can go ahead and import multiple interactions.

  3. Open your quiz in Quizmaker and decide where you want to place the Engage interaction, for example, in a blank slide.
  4. Open the blank slide in Slide View and then go Insert -> Insert Flash Movie.
  5. Browse to the engage.swf file in your published Engage interaction.
  6. You’ll see the interaction display in the preview window. Click ok and close.
  7. engageinquizmakerflashimport


  8. Publish your quiz as a standalone.
  9. Go to your Quizmaker published files and open the quiz_content folder.
  10. Copy the engage_content folder from your published Engage interaction into the quiz_content folder.
  11. Locate the SWF file corresponding to your Engage interaction player.
  12. If you have a program like Swiff Player installed, then you can just double-click on each SWF file until you find the one you are looking for.

  13. Copy the name of the SWF file and paste it into the name of the engage_content folder so that the folder now has a name like this: thenameoftheswffile_content
  14. engageinquizmakersamenames

    Typically Quizmaker SWF files that are in effect the Engage swf files have a name beginning ‘video’ similar to this: video_b36c0f8a-95eb-44df-b75f-8950d1b3563d

    So your newly named engage_content folder will have a name like this: video_b36c0f8a-95eb-44df-b75f-8950d1b3563d_content

  15. That’s it. Play your quiz by launching the quiz.html file. Do not republish your quiz or you will lose your manual edits.


Here is a video (recorded with Screenr) showing the edits in the quiz_content folder you need to make:



View Video


Importing Regular Engage Interactions

Importing regular Engage interactions into Quizmaker ’09 requires an extra step or two. This is because if you try to directly import a regular Engage interaction into Quizmaker by using the Import Flash Movie function in Quizmaker, QUIZMAKER WILL CRASH (!) and it will take a few frustrating minutes trying to close it completely and start it up again. (Believe me, it has happened to me too often to mention!).

Why this should happen is due to the fact that the original interactions were created slightly differently from the new Community Interactions.

However, there is a workaround.

In essence, you just need to import any SWF file into Quizmaker at the place where you want to have your Engage interaction and then swap that SWF file with the engage.swf file of your interaction in the Quizmaker published files. When you have done that, import the associated engage_content folder.

The only thing to remember is that you must keep the original name of the SWF file in the Quizmaker published files.


Does that sound confusing? Well, it is quite simple really, once you have got the hang of it!

You might find it easier to import one of the Community interactions in the place of your regular interaction, at first. This at least will show you more or less how it will fit on your slide.

  1. Follow steps 1 to 7 from Inserting a Community Interaction (use the Stairstep interaction, for example)
  2. With the quiz_content folder open, go to the regular Engage interaction published files folder and copy the engage_content folder.
  3. Paste the folder into the quiz_content folder
  4. Rename the engage_content folder so that it has the name of the SWF file as per steps 9 and 10 above.
  5. Now go back to your regular Engage interactions and copy the engage.swf file.
  6. Paste the engage.swf file in the quiz_content folder.
  7. Copy the name of the video… SWF file and then delete it.
  8. Rename the engage.swf file by pasting the name you just copied so that it has the same name as the one you just deleted.
  9. Now you have added an engage_content folder and replaced the original engage.swf (from the Stairstep interaction) with the new one from your regular Engage interaction, and you have made sure the names match and are recognized by Quizmaker.

This video shows this technique and should hopefully make things clearer.



  • When viewed locally, the Engage interactions appear to start twice ie. it loads and then appears to load a second time. When viewed online, this effect seems to disappear.
  • I have not tested all interactions. The Flipbook interaction was not fully functional in my limited testing so you may need to choose another interaction type to display your ideas.
  • If you want to see this feature built into Quizmaker, be sure to make a feature request here.

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    13 Responses

    1. Tom says:

      Good demo.

      A good practice would be to have an asset folder with the community engage.swf for easy access. Since you just need the one, why not just have ti available as a placeholder asset. Insert the swf. Then copy and paste both the desired engage.swf and content folder into the QM.

      Instead of deleting the original .swf, I just change the extension to .oldswf so that it’s there but not part of the course.

      Then I change the name of the engage.swf

    2. Naheed says:

      Hi Dave: this is neat. Would it be possible to present it as screenr..

    3. Niall says:

      Hi Dave

      Very Helpful hint. I have succeeded in publishing a SCORM 1.2 quiz with 3 engage interactions. I did this by inserting one of each of the 3 Community Interactions into my quiz. This raises the question … how could I include more than 3 Engage interactions?

      Every time you republish the quiz you have to repeat the renaming of engage.swf and content folders. However, these can just be pasted in from ‘master’ folders to save time.

      Inbuilt zip for SCORM 1.2 Quizmaker publishing does not include content folders. You have to manually zip your entire content

      I published the quiz as SCORM 1.2 and Engage Interactions for web. I didn’t risk publishing the Engage Interactions for SCORM 1.2 as I was not sure how the two SCORM publishings would integrate. Any comments on this?

      Thanks again. I hope you and your readers find this comment useful

    4. Venice says:

      Good Morning-

      Do anyone know the steps on how to add a back button within quizmaker?

    5. Niall says:

      Re: My comment of March 15th. Having met and spoken with Dave I have discovered that you can use the same community interaction as many as times as required. Problem solved. Thanks, Dave

    6. Nick says:

      I am having some trouble, but I know that if I stick with this I will get it down pat.

      I am currently getting stuck…mainly I think because I am not seeing the .swf file.
      I try a different file obviously, and that freezes Quizmaker so that it is “not responding” and I need to exit.

      I get stuck at the step four:

      Let’s look first at embedding Community Interactions as it is the simpler of the two operations.
      1. Create your Engage interaction and publish as a standalone interaction (ie. to the web).
      2. Open your quiz in Quizmaker and decide where you want to place the Engage interaction, for example, in a blank slide.
      3. Open the blank slide in Slide View and then go Insert -> Insert Flash Movie.
      4. Browse to the engage.swf file in your published Engage interaction.

      I feel like I am very close, and have even watched the video…but I just do not see a .swf file to select.

      Please help :)
      Thank you!

      • daveperso says:

        Hi Nick. Sorry to hear you are having trouble. Are you pointing to the published Engage files rather than to the INTR file perhaps? In the published Engage files, you will find engage.swf and and an engage_content folder. You should be able to see those via your regular Window Explorer.

    7. Janell says:

      Good Morning:

      I followed all the steps for inserting a regular Engage Interaction and it worked. But it appears the instructions are only for inserting an Engage on to a blank Quizmaker slide. How do I insert a regular Engage Interaction on to a question slide so that it can open in a new window? Thanks in advance for your help!

    8. Janell says:

      Another quick question: You stated that we have to select the Quizmaker HTML file to view it. Do I need to do anything different if I want this quiz to be apart of an existing Articulated PowerPoint presentation? The reason I ask, is because when I attempted to preview the Quiz w/the embedded Engage, the Engage just ‘circled’. Any info you can provide is greatly appreciated!

    9. daveperso says:

      Hi Janell, To have an Engage interaction on a question slide, just go into Slide View and then click on Insert Flash Movie. Navigate to the engage.swf. Then when you have the Flash Movie dialogue box, just check the “Display in a new browser window” button.

    10. clare says:

      Hello, I have embedded swf files (engage) into quizmaker using the method above, and all is good until i post them on to the LMS (tested both on Moodle and WebCT). The swf files intermittently show up as black areas – you can see outlines of some of the shapes within the engage screens. The swf files never displayed as such when the quizmaker file is a local version. Any suggestions to rectify this problem gratefully received! Thanks, Clare

    11. Henric says:

      Hi! I´m trying to embedd tre interactions in my quiz in blank slides. How do I identify the different swf-files from each other? Are they placed in any specific order?

    12. daveperso says:

      Hi Henri, if you import the engage.swf files into your blank slides in Quizmaker, then Quizmaker will make those names unique. It is up to you then to rename the corresponding engage_content folder so that it functions with the renamed SWF file. You don’t need to worry about order specifically.

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