Summary: Use web objects to have more than one quiz in your presentation on Articulate Online.
Difficulty: Medium

Aren’t there times when you’d like to be able to track more than one quiz in a presentation? With Articulate Online, you can track as many quizzes as you like! This article shows you how.

Articulate Presenter can track one of the following in an LMS and Articulate Online:

  • A Quizmaker Quiz
  • A Choices Learning Game
  • The number of slides viewed in a presentation

But with Articulate Online, you can can track as many Quizmaker quizzes as you like in addition to the one choice you make above. You do this by leveraging web objects in Articulate Presenter. You can track the results for the presentation and each of the quizzes as each will have their own entry in Articulate Online.

Here is a simple demo showing one Web Object Quiz and one regular quiz.


View Demo

Building a Web Object Quiz – Overview

Basically, a Web Object Quiz is a quiz that we have created in Articulate Quizmaker and published to Articulate Online. We then add a web object to another presentation in Articulate Presenter and use the invitation URL available in the Contents -> Invitations tab on Articulate Online as our web object URL address. When the presentation reaches the web object, Articulate Online displays the standalone quiz on that slide in the presentation. For the user the quiz more or less identical to a regular quiz.

A Web Object Quiz allows us to get over the one-quiz-per-presentation limit that presently applies to Articulate Presenter. But a Web Object Quiz does have a couple of features that we need to take note of if we want it to integrate well with Presenter.

  1. First, a web object will not resize to fill the slide area as an embedded regular quiz would. We must make sure that we publish our presentation at optimal size to make sure that the web object quiz looks ok and fills the slide correctly.

    If you publish at any other size or allow the presentation to fill the browser, you may find that the quiz only fills part of the slide area and will look bad.

  2. Second, since the Web Object Quiz is essentially a standalone quiz published on Articulate Online, the Finish button will close the browser window altogether including our presentation!

    That means our presentation will close after each Web Object Quiz. We need to deactivate that and ideally give the user a message on how to continue.

Step By Step

  1. First build your quiz in Articulate Quizmaker.
  2. When you are ready to publish, hit the Articulate button at the top left of Quizmaker -> Quizmaker Options and make sure that the box for “Enable publish for manual uploading to Articulate Online is checked.
  3. Publish -> Articulate Online and choose for the Account URL (click on the downward arrow to the right of the URL box to see that option).
  4. Publish Manually to Articulate Online

    You will create a qm3 file.

  5. Choose to view the files. (Open Folder)
  6. Open Folder

  7. Change the file extension from qm3


    to zip.

  8. Unzip the file.
  9. Open quiz_content.
  10. Open quiz.js with Notepad.
  11. Do a search (Edit -> Search) for window.close
  12. Replace this line:


    with this line:

    alert('You have finished this assessment. To continue, please click on the forward button on the player controls below.');

    You can choose any text you like of course but make sure it stays between the quotes.

  13. Close and save the quiz.js.
  14. Rezip quiz.html, quiz.swf and content_quiz into a single zip package. (Make sure you don’t zip up the folder containing these elements).
  15. Change the extension back from zip to qm3.
  16. Open your Articulate Online account in your browser and manually upload the package.

    For instructions on how to manually upload content to Articulate Online, have a look at this article on the Articulate Support site


You can now include your Web Object Quiz in an Articulate Presenter presentation.

Integrating the Web Object Quiz into Articulate Presenter

  1. Create your presentation in Articulate Presenter as you would normally.
  2. In Articulate Online, go to your Articulate Online account and click on the content item corresponding to your Web Object Quiz you just uploaded.
  3. Go to the Invite tab and copy the URL to “Link directly to this content”.
  4. invitation

  5. Add a new slide to your presentation in PowerPoint and add a web object to that slide.
  6. Paste the URL from Articulate Online into your web object URL. Choose to display in the slide over the Full Slide and Advance to the next slide when user clicks next.
  7. In my testing, I found that the Web Object Quiz displayed better if you “nudge” the web object twice to the right. Select the web object, and click twice on the right cursor arrow.

Publishing to Articulate Online

You can now prepare to publish your presentation to Articulate Online. This means that you will host your presentation on Articulate Online which in turn will reference a Web Object Quiz which you also uploaded to Articulate Online with a separate content name.

  1. To make sure that the web object displays correctly, in Presenter, go to Player Templates -> Other and make the presentation display at optimal size. (Presentation Size: Lock presentation at optimal size)
  2. Go to Publish -> Articulate Online, and this time publish your presentation directly to Articulate Online.

You are now ready to view your presentation. It will track as many Web Object Quizzes as you wish to insert, plus it will also track either a regularly embedded Quizmaker quiz, a Choices Learning Game or the number of slides viewed.


  • Quiz settings will not apply to Web Object Quizzes. You cannot branch according to a pass or fail as you can with regular quizzes.
  • If your content is private, then you’ll need to make the Web Object Quizzes private too with the same permissions as the Articulate Presenter course. Logging into the course will ensure they are automatically given access to the Web Object Quiz
  • You can insert the same Web Object Quiz into several presentations at the same time. Tracking will not tell you though how the learner accessed the Web Object Quiz.
  • I changed the JavaScript code to deactivate the Finish button and write an alert to the user. There may be other commands that might better serve your needs or you might even want to remove the alert altogether.
  • You may want to change the text on the Finish button. You can’t remove that button but you can make it say something other than Finish. In Quizmaker ’09, Go to Player Template Builder -> Text Labels -> Label 46.
  • Web Object Quizzes may work in Learning Management Systems. If you can call up the quiz via a single URL rather than display it in another frame, it should be ok.
  • A reminder that Articulate does not support this method. If you have any queries, please post them here and I’ll try my best to get back to you as quickly as possible.
  • A final word of thanks goes to Brian Batt of Articulate Support for suggesting the idea behind Web Object Quizzes

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    28 Responses

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    2. Payal says:

      This sounds interesting. I was wondering how I could do this if I was using LMS other than Articulate Online.

    3. Petar says:

      Thanks for this great post! It helped me a lot.

    4. Payal says:

      Hi Dave,

      Does this method work with Moodle?



    5. daveperso says:

      Hi Payal, I haven’t tested in Moodle so can’t help there. I’ll give it a go when I get the chance. Sorry.

    6. Michelle says:

      I cannot use Articulate Online; can we track multiple “quizes” in Quizmaker?

      My “wish” is to get the results from different topical areas within one massive test for remedial training later. I have 100 questions in 18 different topical areas. I am not as concerned with the overall pass/fail, more so if a test taker fails a specific section.


      • Syed says:

        Hi Michelle,

        Did you find a solution for this eventually? I know it’s an old post, hopefully you remember what you did. I have a similar “wish” and am interested to know if and how you managed to pull this off.


    7. Robin says:

      Dave, that’s great information but I’m looking too for a way to do this within our LMS. I hope that you can turn your creative mind towards this variation soon!

    8. [...] A course or presentation created with Articulate Presenter ‘09 can also contain any number of quizzes, surveys, or interactions (the course will count as a single content item). As with publishing for any other LMS, if you prefer to use quiz-based tracking vs. slide-based tracking and your course contains more than one quiz, you must select a single quiz to use for tracking purposes. (That said, there is a work-around for tracking multiple quizzes in the same course.) [...]

    9. Shanny says:

      Hi, I followed the steps above until step 13. If I want it to work on a LMS (Plateau) using AICC, what the steps would be? I would appreciate if someone can get back to me ASAP. I know this is not a supported work around but we would like to wrap the course with multiple sections and quizzes. Please let me know, thanks!

      • daveperso says:

        Hi Shanny, Sorry I can’t help you here. This particular article was written with Articulate Online in mind and I don’t have access to Plateau. You might want to look at this article to track multiple quizzes. Regards,

    10. Roxanne says:

      Hi Dave,
      Thanks for this great workaround. One of my problems is while the user has been sent to the quiz on AO, the player button is flashing to proceed. If they press play, they can bypass the quiz, which is mandatory to take. I can’t lock the slide because it won’t work after the quiz is finished. Help! What am I missing.

      • daveperso says:

        Hi Roxanne, You are not missing anything unfortunately. This seems to be a limitation of the workaround. One imaginative solution would be to allow the users to bypass that quiz but then have another regular Quizmaker quiz slide asking for a password to continue. You can block users from moving on until they enter the password. You could give the correct password on the results page of your embedded web object quiz. Not sure if that could work for you.

    11. Elka Remmers says:

      Hello Dave,

      Interesting solution, while I would like to have the results of all quizzes send to Articulate Online. But, with your solution, I will miss the option to use branching, sending the learner to a particular path when they fail the first quiz and another path when they pass the first quiz.
      Am I correct? Or do you have a solution for that too?

      greetings, Elka

    12. Jill Freeman says:

      Hi, Dave. Justin at Articulate forum pointed me to your article here. I posted with concerns about bookmarking and tracking.

      I’ve created 25 interconnected courses for my client. I am using Web Objects to launch courses (not quizzes) using index.html. There are quizzes within these Web Objects. In most cases, the Web Objects launch as a new window and the user closes it or clicks next to return to main course.

      I am not going to be involved in the AO configuration. From your article, it sounds like “someone” will need to change each URL in each Web Object to the new AO location of that content. Currently, all Web Objects are relative local URLs, i.e., to another index.html file. Can the existing folder structure be uploaded to AO to avoid client having to change all URLs and republish all (25) presentations?
      Other ideas?

      Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

      • daveperso says:

        Hi Jill, Yes, your web object courses should work on Articulate Online using the relative links but naturally it won’t track each course, just the main “container” course. If you want to track all 25 courses, then you’ll need to use an absolute address and publish each course to Articulate Online. Hope that helps.

        • Jill Freeman says:

          Yes, that helps.
          I thought my navigation structure was going to work, but now have encountered issues. I am stuck as follows: When you create a Web Object and point to the latest target index.html file, if you re-publish that target index.html file, you must go back into the Web Object and re-link to the new target file.This is an ugly loop, as I have Web Object A pointing to Web Object B, then B points back to A.

          I successfully used a method described in one of your articles (as a solution for a different issue) that I may try here. I’m referring to using a Web Object to open the index.html file you provided in the article, which in turn opens my player.html file in the same window. Do you think this is a better method to go from Web Object A to B, then reverse it to go from B back to A? (B also links to 6 additional courses/Web Objects, which all have Web Objects that point back to B and A. A is considered the Main course)

          Background: I’m using Web Objects in this way to keep the multiple courses as separate courses for ease when editing, and because It would be well over 100 slides if kept as one presentation. All these Web Objects will be manually loaded into AO to be tracked.

          This is convoluded, I think. Just not sure of a better method. I would appreciate a live discussion about this, if possible. Are you available for a phone call?

          Thanks for your creative solutions! -Jill Freeman

    13. Patrick says:

      Thanks for the tips on integrating multiple quizzes in a trackable format with a presentation. I have followed the steps but get lost with step #5 where we change to zip. I send the qm3 file to a zip folder and then open the zipped folder but there is no quiz_content folder or quizjs file. I only see the same one qm3 file. What am i missing here?

      6.Unzip the file.

      7.Open quiz_content.

      8.Open quiz.js with Notepad.

      9.Do a search (Edit -> Search) for window.close

    14. Patrick says:

      Also, what do you think about the other post recommending that you just use the blank slide within quizmaker for “slides” or your content. Essentially, it will all be just a quiz

    15. [...] visible, il était possible de terminer le quiz sans envoyer les résultats par mail. Dans cet article récent sur ce blog, nous avons vu comment on pouvait suivre les résultats de plusieurs quiz sur Ariculate [...]

    16. DK says:

      Can you change the size of the font and the background color of the alert response that comes up when you answer your quiz quesitons?

    17. alana says:

      Hi Dave,

      Wonderful solution, I have done the same using a different method. First I unzip, then open the quiz file. Then I open it in a Text editor and do a search and replace. I agree if you can change the font size and background color of the alert response. I think that would be a good idea.


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